Off to Sewing Class

Summer is off to a great start, minus the horrid temperatures. Seriously, it's so hot outside that my A/C is pushing it's hardest to keep the inside nice and cool. And forget opening the blinds. Every time I want to let in some natural light I am being overridden by the hubs and his complaining that it's making the room hotter, and unfortunately, he's right. We have broken records several times this week and if it's 100 degrees at the end of May, what will it be by July??? I don't even want to know...

Earlier this week I was able to mark one part of my summer to-do list off. Take a sewing class - CHECK! I went to Jo-Ann Fabrics and attended the Sewing 101 class last Thursday. I expected to get in front of the machine and get busy, since the class was only 2.5 hours long. I was ready! BUT, I was surprised to find out that we had to learn terms and walk through the store and be introduced to the tools before she even pulled the machines out - what's that about? Well, after nearly 2 hours of instruction it was time.

I used one of the machines that Jo-Ann's sells - a Viking Emerald 116 ( I believe).

It looks like this.

And boy was I intimidated. I have never touched a sewing machine in my life. I had to ask the instructor if it turns on automatically when you plug it up, or if there was a button to turn it on. Turns out, you have to turn it on. Luckily, there was only one other person in the class with me and the instructor was very kind to walk me through everything step-by-step. I learned how to put the necessary parts on to get started and how to thread the needle (yeah, not too much included in the class). But, she said that all machines would be a little different and that the instruction book on the machine I choose would be my best friend. Then I sewed! I created a mini curtain with rolled hems down the sides and a hem for the bar at the top. I sewed only wavy straight lines, so I didn't take a picture. But, I assure you that it was a pretty simple design. My biggest fear was sewing through my finger. The advice my instructor gave - "Well, keep it away from the needle!".

Now that I have taken the class to get to know a sewing machine a little better, I plan on buying one and learning more for myself. I was originally planning on getting a Viking similar to what I used, but after hearing that I really didn't need that from so many people, I have decided on a Singer 7258. It has lots of great functions and is said to be an easy beginner machine.

It looks like this.

I really don't have any sewing projects that are a must this summer, but I do want to get familiar with the machine and create something useful for the house. Curtains, maybe? Since I am obviously a pro after my simple crash course in sewing.

Here's to hoping for cooler days.

Oh - and side note, here's a preview of our sweet new friend, Jack. I will post his story later this week. :)