Charlie Sheen's Not the Only One Winning...

I am too!! I won the giveaway hosted by Hannah at Young and Crafty! If your not a follower, then make sure you check her out. She has some great ideas that I might just be stealing attempting in the future. It's my first win (of hopefully many!) in blogland. Want to know what I won? Of course you do...

This fab "Kathleen" zippy pouch! :)

It's from Walla Bear Designs. She's just changed her business name and will be adding lots of new goodies soon. Plus, she's a teacher just like me. Hmmm... if only I had a bit of that craftiness in me. You can also check out her Facebook page here. I can't wait to use my zippy pouch!


An Addition to the Kitchen

My kitchen redo began last summer. I plan to write a LONG post about the entire process when I am completely finished, but today I just want to reveal my fab chalkboard that I created this week.

In my last post, there was a picture of this great thrift store frame I snagged one weekend.

 The frame.

I loved the curves in the frame. After getting it home I just knew I wanted to turn it into a chalkboard. After mending the frame a bit and lightly sanding it I painted it with the same green color that we have been using for the other pieces that we have completed lately. (But I promise, this is the last green piece for a while!) After searching all over for a how-to on applying chalkboard paint to glass, I just went for it. I tried sanding lightly first, but I don't think it made a difference. I used four coats in all.


I used this.

Then, I antiqued it using the same method mentioned here. After letting it dry for 24 hours, we got to work putting it back together.

My handy man working hard. :)

M had to help with the nail bending and then we shoved some cardboard under them to keep the glass from moving. Gotta love a quick fix! And now, it hangs in my kitchen just waiting to be written on... I have to go buy some chalk first.


I'm linking up this transformation at these places...



I know, I know

... I'm not doing so great at keeping my blog updated. But, I have some really great excuses, I swear! Over the past week/weekend I have been super busy. Let's get caught up.

Last week I spent three days (YIKES!) away from my sweet class to complete my internship. I went to BTW Magnet High School and worked with a sweet librarian who showed me the ropes of high school library media centers. And, WOW!, was it different. Different in a very, very slow kind of way. I missed my babies so much and think that, if God allows it, I will work with the little ones forever! :)

Thursday was the opening day for the Biscuits! And of course, I was there! I don't know how much of the game I watched. But what I did do was catch up with friends and eat my most favorite baseball treat of all time, Dreamland BBQ Nachos. They are a little bit of heaven. I wish I would have taken a picture because so many people still have no idea what I'm talking about when I mention them. I will make sure to do that next time. My other favorite baseball treat turned out to be a fail. Oh how I heart Dipp'n'Dots... but they have completely let me down at the Biscuit's Stadium. They no longer offer the rainbow flavor and that is my all time fave. I don't know what it is, but I don't crave creamy when I am thinking Dipp'n'Dots. Instead, I want something fruity. I'm out of luck for now. :(

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday flew by as I spent every night away from the house. I did, however, have a few minutes to get started on my next project. M and I went to this great thrift store a couple of weeks ago and I picked up this great frame that I thought would make for a cute project when I could think one up.

The frame. It came with glass, but I took it out before taking the picture.

Well, it didn't take long. I thought it would make the perfect chalkboard for the kitchen. There is a great spot on the wall for it. And, bonus!, it will cover a yucky phone jack that we have no use for.

Kitchen Wall. 

Right now I am working on mending the corners where it has started to pull apart.

And that's about as far as the project's gotten. I plan to work on it throughout the week so that I can finish it before the weekend. I'll track the progress and post about it when it's finished.

My other goal is to update at least once a week. I'll keep my fingers crossed if you do the same. :)