An Addition to the Kitchen

My kitchen redo began last summer. I plan to write a LONG post about the entire process when I am completely finished, but today I just want to reveal my fab chalkboard that I created this week.

In my last post, there was a picture of this great thrift store frame I snagged one weekend.

 The frame.

I loved the curves in the frame. After getting it home I just knew I wanted to turn it into a chalkboard. After mending the frame a bit and lightly sanding it I painted it with the same green color that we have been using for the other pieces that we have completed lately. (But I promise, this is the last green piece for a while!) After searching all over for a how-to on applying chalkboard paint to glass, I just went for it. I tried sanding lightly first, but I don't think it made a difference. I used four coats in all.


I used this.

Then, I antiqued it using the same method mentioned here. After letting it dry for 24 hours, we got to work putting it back together.

My handy man working hard. :)

M had to help with the nail bending and then we shoved some cardboard under them to keep the glass from moving. Gotta love a quick fix! And now, it hangs in my kitchen just waiting to be written on... I have to go buy some chalk first.


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Lori E said...

Now those are some yellow walls. Love it. I have yellow walls to but not so bright. You walk into sunshine every time you go into that room.
I would copy this but there are no walls in my kitchen that I can put this on. Cupboards only.

Wendy said...

Tesa!!! It is beautiful!! I absolutely love that frame!! AND it looks wonderful in your kitchen! You and Michael are doing a great job on your projects! Find me one of those frames :)

Carol-Anne (Use the Good Dishes!) said...

Visiting from A2D, and I love your kitchen addition!