Summertime is Here!


I know, I am terrible. But, GREAT NEWS! Summer has officially began! The last day of school was Thursday and my last work day was Friday. It was sad to see my class go, but I am very happy to have two months off -- one of the great perks of teaching!

However, my plans do not involve laying by the pool everyday (seeing as a don't have one) or spending the summer at my condo on the beach (nope, not that lucky either). I am starting a grand to-do which involves some re-design and learning a new craft. I do plan to get it some lounge time (because we did get a boat!), but I want to make some use of my time and do something productive.

I love lists. Anyone who knows me well knows that I always make a list to remember things. So I am creating a list of things I want to do, buy, and achieve before the end of the summer. And this time, I'm not just writing it down -- I'm posting it for all to see. No throwing it away and forgetting about it. I MUST get these things done! And hopefully, through all of this, I will find some more time to blog (and  have some interesting things to blog about). So let me get to it...

1. Get fit - eat better, excercise more, and lose some weight
2. Refinish guest bath
3. Buy a sewing machine - and learn to use it! (Lessons, please!)
4. Create an office/craft space - because where will I sew?
5. Refinish all of those Craigs List finds - that have been sitting in the guest room/junk room
6. Keep my house clean - stick to the cleaning schedule and make it more permanent
7. Get a tan - it is summer!

I'll keep you all posted, I promise. :)

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